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We pride ourselves on achieving superior patient outcomes with research-backed products. In fact, everything we do is grounded in science. You, too, can deepen your understanding of the science—and the experts—behind our products.

Dig a little deeper to learn about a wide range of lower-limb pathologies. You’ll find detailed information in a range of clinical and case studies, articles, videos, and descriptions of conditions commonly linked to lower-limb biomechanical dysfunction.


We have assembled a collection of tutorials to help foster a better understanding of how foot orthotics or orthotic footwear can improve biomechanical function. The information summarized in these articles will help establish a practical working knowledge of lower-limb anatomy and biomechanics.


Clinical research studies are of significant importance to VASYLI Medical. Peer-reviewed clinical research helps substantiate our claims of improved outcomes resulting from the use of our products. Many of these studies have been conducted in collaboration with members of the VASYLI Think Tank. VASYLI Medical has not funded the research studies found here.