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Lumbo-Sacral Pain (Lower back pain)

Musclar tightness in the lumbo-sacral region causes lower back pain.


The patient will complain of a dull ache and stiffness in the lumbar region. Standing for long periods or sitting in the same position may worsen the pain.

Biomechanical etiology

Bilateral excess subtalar joint pronation internally rotates the tibial and femoral shafts. This can lead to an anterior tilt of the pelvis and a forward shift of the body's center of gravity, resulting in increased lordotic curvature and compensatory muscular tightness of the lumbo-sacral region.

The upper body (thoracic region) commonly develops a secondary kyphotic curvature. Unilateral excess subtalar joint pronation lowers the vertical distance of the foot to the ground, creating a functional short leg and hip malalignment.


By reducing excess pronation, orthotics control internal rotation of the tibial and femoral shafts, thereby limiting anterior pelvic tilt and secondary muscular tightness of the lumbo-sacral region.

Additional Treatment

  • Improved body posture: sitting, standing, and walking with spine aligned
  • Spinal adjustment and soft tissue therapy by a qualified practitioner


  • 'Safe' sit-ups (lifting head and shoulders off the ground while keeping the neck straight and eyes focused on ceiling) to strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • Press-ups (similar to push-ups, but keeping legs and pelvis flat on the ground)
  • Hamstring and lumbo-sacral stretches