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Bill Vicenzino is chair of Sports Physiotherapy and director of the Sports Injuries Rehabilitation and Prevention for Health (SIRPH) research unit at the University of Queensland. He teaches across undergraduate and postgraduate programs in musculoskeletal healthcare, focusing on lower limb and sports physiotherapy.

Bill’s scholarship is focused on musculoskeletal health, pain, and injury with an emphasis on sports and physical activity, where there is a need for evidence-based approaches to rehabilitation and prevention. Since graduating as a physiotherapist in 1980, Bill has worked in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, mainly in private practice. His book, Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and the Science, was among the top 10 bestsellers at Elsevier Health (Health Professionals Category) in its first year of publication.

His recent clinical research has focused on treatments for overuse injuries, such as patellofemoral pain, with a number of randomized clinical trials published in high-impact medical journals. Bill has improved our understanding of exercise (cross training) and physical therapies such as tape and orthoses on neuromuscular control of the leg and foot. He has communicated his research findings through more than 275 peer-reviewed journal publications, his book, 26 book chapters, and more than 300 invited workshops, seminars, and conference presentations.