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A practicing podiatrist in the UK for more than 30 years, Trevor Prior specializes in sports injuries, biomechanics and gait analysis, orthoses, diabetic foot complications, and foot surgery—all topics he has lectured on nationally and internationally.

Trevor consults as a podiatric surgeon at Homerton University in London and is director of Premier Podiatry Limited, a clinic specializing in the assessment and management of foot-related conditions using advanced assessment techniques (including inshoe pressure and 3D gait analysis), coordinated conservative care, and surgery, as needed. He has worked extensively with elite and professional athletes in a wide range of disciplines, including football, rugby, cricket, hockey, and badminton.

Trevor is also director of two companies: P2L is a company specializing in custom-made performance footwear such as its signature soccer boots, which provide a protective yet personalized fit and design. Run 3D is a company providing 3D gait analysis equipment for the clinical and research environment, allowing an individual’s assessment to be compared to a normal database for objective evaluation and detailed management planning.

With extensive training in the UK, US, and Europe, Trevor is a member of a number of professional groups including the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine, and is past dean of the faculty of Podiatric Surgery, Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.


Trevor collaborated with Phillip Vasyli to develop VASYLI orthotics for low-profile sports footwear featuring studs or cleats.



Designed for low-profile sports footwear with studs or cleats — a challenging style to accommodate with an orthotic.