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Tired, Aching Legs



Muscular pain and fatigue in the calf areas and behind the knees.


The patient will complain of a tired, aching feeling at the back of the legs, particularly after standing for long periods.

Biomechanical etiology:

Tired/aching legs are commonly caused by abnormal traction on the calf muscles (triceps surae). This commonly occurs when the legs internally rotate due to excess pronation at the subtalar joint. Excess pronation is caused by the unnatural hard, flat surfaces we stand and walk on daily, which force our feet to flatten and twist. In turn, this puts torsion and strain on the musculature of the lower legs.


By controlling excess pronation and internal tibial rotation orthotics (pre-molded or custom-made) reduce the torsional forces on the musculature of the legs.


  • Calf stretches.


Tired/Aching Legs:

Muscular pain and fatigue caused by excess torsion/ traction on the calf muscles, associated with excess pronation.


Pre-molded orthotic or custom orthotic to control excess pronation.


calf stretches